Construction methods used are the toughest, most durable and traditional. 
Choice of timber/style and construction methods vary and determine price. 
All work can be finished to any desired effect: Oiled, Painted, Stained, Left natural, etc.
All work is carried out with great pride.
Gates come with a 2 year guarantee. 

Mortise and Tenon

Mortise and Tenon


All of our gates are handcrafted. Built to the highest standards using age old construction methods: The mortise and tenon join; FirstIy we cut the tenons then drill out the mortises, glueing them neatly together, pinning them with large dowels. This process is proven the best, ensuring your gate will last in its original shape for many years to come. This method is often replaced by modern, faster inadequate procedures. 

Not sure which style of gate to choose? We will be more than happy to replicate a particular gate you have chosen or we can easily design something new and different.
With many years experience, you can rely on our knowledge and skill to get the job done precisely.

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Mortise and tenon

Pinning with Dowel

Pinning with Dowel


Bolted Construction

Hardwood Gates

For our country style gates, we choose to use Blackbutt unless requested otherwise.
Blackbutt is incredibly dense and tough. It will last 40+ years above ground.
Not only is Blackbutt dense it is very stable, ensuring minimal unwanted movement once installed.

Design Pine

For our urban style gates we like to use Design Pine. 
An engineered timber impregnated with H3 (organic preservation system).
This means you get a knot and blemish free timber which will last 25+ years in the harsh Australian environment.
Design Pine is excellent for gates that are enclosed, or looking to have a sleek painted finish. 
It comes pre primed making painting a breeze leaving you with a superior finish.
Not only will Design Pine last 25+ years if maintained correctly, it is very lightweight for its strength, which can be important for larger gates.  Design Pines website: