Creech Double

Peninsula Timber Gates. Creech Double Gates.jpg
Peninsula Timber Gates. Creech Double Gates.jpg

Creech Double

from 5,000.00

Made using a selection of thick design pine beams usually between 190-240mmx70mm.
Mortise and tenon construction along with secretly glued and set in lining boards.
Can be made as a pair (swing gates) or one large sliding gate.
Gates come with galvanised wrap around hinges and adjustable galvanised gudgeons for hanging.

Design Pine:
An engineered timber impregnated with H3 (organic preservation system).
This means you get a knot and blemish free timber which will last 25+ years in the harsh Australian environment.
Design Pine is excellent for gates that are enclosed, or looking to have a sleek painted finish. 
It comes pre primed making painting a breeze leaving you with a superior finish.
Not only will Design Pine last 25+ years if maintained correctly, it is very lightweight for its strength, which can be important for larger gates.

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